Things you may not know about me


There are a few things you may or may not know about me so I will share with you a few things you may or may not know about me.

I have had more failed friendships than successful ones- There have been several friendships that I have been in that have just not worked out and that is okay. That is life sometimes something is just not going to work out the way you want it to. I was friends with someone for almost ten years and we got into an argument and now we are no longer friends. When something like this happens, you can do everything you can to try to repair the relationship but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Move on from it the worst thing you can do is blame yourself. I have a few friends I am currently talking to but not many, I am totally fine with that because they are always supportive of what I do and they have never judged me because of a decision I have made.

I never imagined myself blogging- When I was in school I didn’t do that much writing, so blogging was the last thing I pictured myself doing. I have been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for about a year so I would imagine myself being a Youtuber over a blogger.

I have been called a failure more times than I can count- If you were to call me a failure I would not be phased by it. Calling someone a failure is very childish and the only thing you can really do in that situation is to not give that person a reaction. Some people would get very upset if you were to call them a failure so, don’t do it!

I hate strength training- There is something about training my upper body I am not a fan of. I could do ABS all day long but when it comes to training my upper body I have to force myself to do it!

I would never recommend a product/program I personally have not tried- Recommending a product or program just to get paid is just selfish and I won’t do it! If the product or program does not work the person I recommended it to is going to be really mad at me and that is something I totally could have avoided!

I only like to listen to music on headphones- Don’t buy me a stereo because I won’t use it! I prefer music playing directly in my ears I get bored if it’s on a stereo but if it’s on headphones I’ll be entertained for hours.

I believe in my product- What do I mean by that? Everything I put in my blogs is either facts or my opinion on something. I never make anything up just to get views to me, that is just false advertising and I hate false advertising!

I can’t work out without cleaning my room- Working out in a messy area really bothers me and I can’t focus. With the types of exercises, I do if your focus is off it can cause you to fall which can also cause you to get injured. The way to avoid getting injured is to make sure you are in an environment where you can focus.

I have major anxiety attacks if I go too long and don’t do Pilates- I usually do Pilates six days a week but sometimes life gets in the way and I am unable to do that but if I skip more than a week it can be a huge problem!

There you have it! A few facts you may or may not know about me. How many did you already know? Did you know them all? If you have any questions about things you may or may not know about me, please leave the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Things you may not know about me

  1. Totally agree. I don’t take it personally when people say things like that because some people truly don’t know how to talk to the disabled.


  2. you definitely are not a failure. You were one of my favorite students because of your spunk. I love how you have opened up and let how you feel out. People need to know that there is more to a person than just their appearance.


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