How can you help when I have an anxiety attack?

Have you ever seen me cry but you aren’t sure why I am sad? Even though I may seem sad most likely I am not and I’m just having an anxiety attack! If you want to help me, there are some things you need to do and some things you should avoid.

Don’t tell me to seek counseling- I understand your concern but don’t say this comment when I am having an anxiety attack. This comment has been said to me more times than I would like to admit and it is not helpful! All this is going to do is make me angry so try to refrain from saying it. I have my anxiety under control most of the time, so counseling is not necessary!

Don’t try to be conversational- Once I am to the point that I am in tears that means I have completely shut down so any productive conversations I may have had before the anxiety attack should not be continued until it passes! Once I have shut down I block everything out so no matter what you say to me I won’t be listening to you.

Remove me from the situation- There is always something that caused my anxiety so if possible remove me from that situation. This is not always possible so if that is the case I have anxiety coping strategies I use to help me get through an anxiety attack!

Water-Water can sometimes help calm me down other times it doesn’t really do anything. It all depends on the severity of the anxiety attack, but it could never hurt to get me water if it is available!

Don’t ask questions- Asking me a million questions when I am having an anxiety attack is only going to irritate me and possibly cause me to snap!  If you ask me a bunch of questions when I am having an anxiety attack I will tell you what you want to hear so if you want honest answers, wait until after it passes to ask me anything!

Reassure me everything is going to be okay- When I am having an anxiety attack I feel like everything is going to crash and burn so reassuring me that everything is going to be okay can really help me to calm down!

I may yell- If I have ever yelled at you when I am having an anxiety attack don’t take it personally! Sometimes when people try to help, they do the total opposite and just irritate me because they don’t know what to do! I do appreciate the effort by if I am getting to the point where I am yelling at you that is my way of saying “leave me alone”.

My anxiety attacks are usually not more than five to ten minutes but if you don’t avoid certain things they may last longer! Avoiding all your anxiety triggers may make your anxiety worse because at some point you may be in a situation where you are forced to face your fears! Instead of avoiding all your triggers try to find ways to cope so that when you have an anxiety attack you know what to do. After I have had an anxiety attack sometimes I still feel anxious, so I like to do a high-intensity workout to help me calm down. This blog was written to educate and not to get sympathy from anyone!  If you have any questions about how you can help me when I have an anxiety attack please leave them in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “How can you help when I have an anxiety attack?

  1. I’m glad you can relate! I try not to tell people when I am anxious but sometimes they figure it out without me saying anything and unintentionally make it worse!


  2. I’ve struggled with this for so long and I totally understand. With time, I’ve developed a self care arsenal that I use when it starts up. Telling people I’m anxious doesn’t help too much, unfortunately!


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