Effects of negativity

When you are a negative person, it can affect the way you react to certain situations and also make you very unhappy. Bad things happen sometimes that are out of your control but when you stay positive it makes it a lot easier to get through those tough times. If you are not convinced that negativity can really affect your health, I will explain how it can!

Depression– When something bad happens to a person that is extremely negative it may cause you to become extremely depressed. A negative person doesn’t look at all the good things in a bad situation like a positive person does so it makes it difficult for a negative person to be optimistic when bad things happen. You may not be able to prevent bad things from happening but staying positive is something you can control. Try to reinforce positivity it will make so much easier to get through these tough times.

Stop complaining- If you are disabled sometimes, you may have a tendency to complain about all the things you cannot do. Instead of thinking about all the things you cannot do think of all the things you can! Reminding yourself of all the things you cannot do will only cause you to become depressed. Not being able certain tasks is out of your control and complaining about them is not going to give you the ability to do them.

Find the good things- Bad things happen sometimes and there is nothing you can do about that. Instead of having a negative attitude because things got tough, find something good in that situation. Being optimistic in a bad situation will make it easier to get through those tough times! There are certain things you cannot control but you can control your attitude towards it.

Positive surroundings- Sometimes we may hang out with a negative person and that will affect how you act and feel about yourself. If one of your friends tells you your outfit is ugly and you should burn it you will most likely never wear that outfit again. If you hang out with people who are constantly bringing you down you will become very self-conscious about yourself! If you ask someone for their honest opinion you have to be open for an answer you may not like! This is called constructive criticism and is very different from criticism. When someone criticizes you they have no interest in helping you improve anything but when someone gives you constructive criticism they are trying to help you!

Switching from negative thinking too positive thinking can be very difficult but it is possible! If you are struggling, find a positive role model and see what they do and maybe you could see if they have any tips on how to become more positive! When you find yourself thinking negatively in a tough situation ask yourself “what good things are there about this situation? Thinking negatively will not benefit you in any way so, train your brain to think positively because bad will happen and, thinking positively will make it easier to get through those tough times! If you have any questions about how negativity affects your overall well-being please leave them in the comments below!


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