What are my strengths?

Have you ever played a sport that no one can beat you at? For some sports is their strength but for others, it may be a certain trait or quality they have that others may struggle with. In a previous blog, I explained what my weaknesses were so I thought I should make another one with my strengths.

Value relationships- Have you ever hurt a friend’s or family members feelings and thought to yourself they will get over it? Sweeping a problem under the rug is not an effective strategy and will only make them worse. I value relationships with my friends and family so if someone is upset with me I will try to figure out why they are upset and repair that relationship.

Physical fitness is important- Physical fitness is very important for a healthy lifestyle. I work out six days a week, but I don’t do it out of pure torture but because I love it! When you are disabled, certain tasks are going to be more challenging than if you were abled. Maintaining my physical fitness has helped make some of those tasks easier and if I let my physical fitness start to lack those tasks may become more challenging.

Determined- When I have a goal I am determined to get to that goal no matter what it takes. Sometimes things get difficult, but I don’t let that stop me but instead, I let it motivate me to work harder!

Creativity-  Do you ever wonder how I have been able to get growth on my blog? No, I don’t have tons of connections my secret is I get creative with blog topics. Most blog topics have been done before, but I don’t let that discourage me I let that motivate me to find a creative way to use that topic.

Don’t care what others think- Yes, people stare, call me names they probably shouldn’t but I don’t let their negative energy put me in a bad mood. You can only control your actions you cannot control somebody’s else’s!

Pain level are my business- Unless I am at the doctor or in unbearable pain I see no reason to complain every time I am in pain. In all honesty, if I complained every time I had a headache you would probably, get annoyed! Unless you ask or are dying to know my pain levels I see no reason to mention it.

Positive thinker- If you are a negative thinker, it will take time to become a positive thinker this does not happen overnight! I used to be a negative thinker, but I decided I wanted to become a positive thinker and it has done great things for my mental health. When you are a negative thinker, you generally are not a happy person. If that is not a reason to become a positive thinker, I don’t know what it is!

I personally don’t have many sports that I am good at because I am not coordinated. My strengths consist of habits and traits I have which is just as good. What are your strengths? If you have, any questions about what my strengths are please leave them in the comments below!


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