My support system: What kind of support do you have?

When you are disabled or have chronic pain having a good support system is huge especially on those tough days! I talk about how supportive my online community is so sometimes there may be some confusion on whether or not I have supportive family and friends yes I have a very supportive family and friends! My family and friends couldn’t be any more supportive than they are not but to be honest the support I get from my family and friends and the support I get from my online community is not the same so today I thought I would explain a little bit more about the tremendous amount of support I get from my online community and from family and friends.

Family and friends- My online community is amazing and extremely supportive of my work and I appreciate every single one of them but my they don’t know me personally and cannot give me the emotional support my friends and family can.  A couple of months ago I was very upset that some of my sponsored posts were getting way more views than my regular posts I convinced myself that no one likes my regular posts and that I should quit because no one is reading them.  I don’t usually go to non-bloggers for blogging advice but this time I decided I would go to one of my sisters and she reminded me that if a sponsor is making you unhappy I probably shouldn’t be working with them and people read your blog for your content, not the sponsored ones. Does that mean I will never do sponsored posts? Nope! That sponsor was just not right for my blog and was causing me more stress than I need right now and my sister reminded of that. That kind support I would not have gotten from my social followers because unless I make some kind of indication in a blog post, or Twitter status that I am upset about something my social media followers will assume nothing is wrong and there is no cause for concern. Friends and family see me almost every day so they can see when I am upset and are able to have face to face conversations.

Online community- Without my online community, my blog would not exist because I would basically be writing for myself and might as well be journalling! Disabled people often times say that a disability or chronic pain can get lonely or isolating which is true but not for the reasons you may think. A disability does not get lonely or isolating because we lack a support system but because sometimes we may need another disabled person to talk to that understands our daily struggles. Finding friends is really hard to come by when you are disabled because often times people are very quick to judge so that is why online communities are very common amongst disabled people. If you do not live with a disability or chronic pain you will never understand what it’s like to live with one because you have not personally experienced it and although your friends and family will try their best to help you the best they can sometimes their advice is not always helpful and sometimes you just need to talk to another disabled person. I have learned so much from other Spina bloggers and disabled bloggers in general on how I can adapt my lifestyle to make it easier that is has helped me greatly improve my quality of life. If you are a blogger online communities can also be really helpful with getting great blogging advice to help you grow your blog!

Friends and family have been my ultimate support system and although I may not talk about them a lot this on this blog it would not exist without them! There have been plenty of instances where I have felt like quitting but friends and family would never let me make a rash decision like that unless they knew that is what I really wanted. I don’t really have friends(except Karly) unless you count my family as friends but my online are my friends that I never had. Building a community when you are disabled or have chronic pain is so important but the support you get from family and friends and online communities are not created equal! Online communities are just another person typing from a computer screen and friends and family are real in-person relationships. I a very private person so some of the struggles I talk about may be new to you and you may be wondering why have I not spoken up about this before? I keep to myself about some of my daily struggles because sometimes I am treated differently because of them but that does not mean I lack a support system. I have an incredible support system so don’t think for a second that I don’t have a good support system because I couldn’t ask for a better one! What kind of support system do you have?


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