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This is a personal blog that shares my experiences of living with a disability. Unfortunately, I am not a doctor so I am not qualified to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions and everything on this website should be used for informational use only and never substituted for professional advice. Everything I recommend is not going to be for everyone and sometimes you may get injured I am not liable for these injuries and any actions you take you are doing so at your own risk. I am the legal owner of all of my blogs unless otherwise stated so do not publish or modify any of my blogs on any other website without my written consent. When sharing my posts it must be in its original state or I will kindly ask you to take it down!

I am always looking for brands to work with particularly ones that fit the categories of disability or healthy living. If you are a brand and are interested in working with me I am most interested in book reviews, product reviews, and sponsored posts. ( I do not review any products I am physically unable to use because I feel that is being dishonest) This is not a complete list of the things I would be willing to do and if you have any other ideas of things you would like to collaborate on or have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me  at sarahlynn358@gmail.com.


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