When your feeling overwhelmed

When you have a gigantic to-do list and a limited amount of time to get everything done often times it can make you feel overwhelmed! Am I stressing for no reason and will I get everything done? If all your doing is talking about your gigantic to-list then no you won't get it all done … Continue reading When your feeling overwhelmed


Four things you can do when you’re super-stressed

When you are super stressed it not only can affect your mental health but your physical health as well. Mental and physical health are both equally important but when tragic events happen and things aren't going your way sometimes our mental health starts to lack and it can be difficult to see the purpose in … Continue reading Four things you can do when you’re super-stressed

How do you manage stress?

As we get closer to Christmas break you may have to prepare for exams which can be very stressful. Getting too stressed out can cause some serious health problems. How do you manage stress? I will show you how I manage my stress when I have limited time to get stuff done. Time management- If … Continue reading How do you manage stress?